Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Zatanna versus the Ice Cream Toughs

Meanwhile, on the mean streets of Greenwich Village, our heroine Zatanna, dressed in her Headmistress of Hotath costume, contemplates her next torrid pillow-note to Dale Gunn, completely unaware that she is being menaced by two of that rough neighborhood's sinister (yet impressively poetic) Ice Cream Toughs, Mr. Vanilla and Mr. Strawberry..."Will you look at that?
Beautiful and all alone."
"I got dibs on 'er!"

Only in the Village do "toughs" lick ice cream cones while leering in perfect haiku. Please, boys, what are you going to do? Her hair?
Don't you know Zatanna prefers chocolate?

Dear readers, can you make an appropriate reply in Haiku?


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't eat ice cream
Got to look good for my man
Won em od Nnug Elad!

Anonymous said...

Comics full of rape
Easy to stop never real
Curse you Brad Meltzer

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Trifle not with her,
Ice cream boys; romance with Zee
is a Rocky Road.

"You call dibs on me
And wear that shirt in public;
you are indeed brave."

Archie and Jughead
Are older but not grown men.
Calling "dibs?" Ye gods.

Scipio said...

"Rocky Road"

Heh. Nice one.

Ragnell said...

Turn your leers aside,
For you cannot withstand the..
Centipede of Death!

Anonymous said...

You think this is bad?
Imagine the reaction
when she wears fishnets.

Bubblegum Tate said...

Motown boys won't do
Unless they work it in shifts
Kcil ym ragus enoc

Anonymous said...

A few backwards words.
Two morons wind up downtown,
Doing a pole-dance!