Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Strange Love on Haikuesday

You want love on Valentine's Day? Here:

That's love. Remember, everything has pros and cons, and if you're not in good relationship on Valentine's Day, that's worlds better than being in a bad one. Meanwhile, read "Batman and the Monster Men", and fall in love with comics all over again. Oh, and because poetry is the language of love, help Hugo compose a Valentine Haiku for Batman.

Also, The Comic Treadmill is running a poll on superpets. At first, I was insulted that monkeys are not eligible, but then I realized that's because monkeys would automatically win. That gloryhound Krypto is beating the figurative pants off Topo. Topophiles, represent! I, and the other members of the North America Man/Octopus Respect Association, implore you to support Topo, who is our celebrity spokesmodel and Aquaman's special friend.


Mark said...

O studly Batman,
How my pants are aquiver.
Please assault my lab!

Anonymous said...

What grace! What power!
All wrapped up in spandex. Yum!
I love you... Now DIE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes, sweet octopus..., "respect"?!?
Dude, it's Valentine's Day! Where's the LOVE???

Bubblegum Tate said...

Oh my sweet Batman
Know the joy of my test tube
And I, the Bat Pole

Bubblegum Tate said...

It is forbidden
This love of ours, my sweet Bruce
This Brokeback Gotham

Scipio said...

Geoff; I was going for the NAMOR joke ya see...

H; AH, well, that's ALWAYS a potential problem...

Captain Infinity said...

Simply replace "respect" with "romance" and you've got your NAMOR.

Des said...

Batman would rather
foil my plans than sleep with hot
redheads. He loves me.