Monday, July 13, 2015

From Vixen to Vibe?

Sigh. Have we come to this? I'm actually having to concede to a point about comic books made in Forbes magazine?  

I mean, it's a bit overstated for effect, but that doesn't negate its point.  Vixen--VIXEN!--may be a key player in saving the future of DC's cultural impact.  

Just as soon as she's found the restroom.

Now that's not really because Vixen's a good character (because she's not).  

I just call 'em like I see 'em, Mari.

But she is the one to whom they are applying a unique trans-media strategy.  I watched the promo for her new cartoon series and, although I knew CW was making it, I didn't really occur to me that they would place it so squarely within their existing Flasharrowverse.  As in, "that's Gustin playing Flash, and Arnell playing Arrow."  

But even more astonishing is: Carlos Valdes as Cisco. Real, honest to STAR Labs, Cisco Ramon.  Who gives her her stupid name (which, of course, makes it suddenly okay; because that's what Cisco does).  That's kind of amazing.  Trying in the recognized superheroes you already have in your stable to the one you're trying to start up?  That's pretty standard.  But supporting cast as well?  It doesn't get more "tied in" than that.  

It's also significant because Flash and Green Arrow have virtually zero comic book ties to Vixen-- but Cisco Ramon DOES.  He's Vibe, who was introduced into comics at roughly the same time as Vixen, with whom he was a member of the "Justice League Detroit".  

But don't hold that against him.

I stand by everything I've said about how regrettable I find Vixen as a character.  But, you gotta hand it to DC: they never give up on trying to make her work.  She certainly worked well in Batman: Brave and the Bold--but that series was its best with its ability to take some of comics more absurd characters at face value.  

I wish them great success with this series. Not so much for Vixen's sake, but for the host of other DC Comics characters that could, if the show goes well, get limited cartoon series of them and thus gain exposure to a whole generation that's never heard of them.

Vibe included.

Monday, July 06, 2015

...the gang's all here-o!

This morning, DC announces a bunch of new miniseries, updating 'classic characters'.

In 2016, DC will launch Swamp ThingMetal MenRavenFirestormKatana: Cult of the KobraMetamorpho and Sugar & Spike. Some of the series will be written by the characters' original creators

Now, there's a lot I could talk about here...
but this is the only thing I WILL talk about:

Not Katana.  As dumb as that character is, it's clear they aren't going to leave her be, so contextualizing her with Kobra (and even dumber character of the same type) makes some sense.  

No, not Katana. 

That THING above her.  Which can only be:


Hated, horrible Halo.

I can't WAIT.