Friday, February 24, 2006

Everything But the Little Black Dog

And now, the moment no one but me has been waiting for:

The Sword of Absorbascon--
the custom Heroclix figure

(courtesy of Totaltoyz, original costume design by Blockade Boy).


Anonymous said...

I just realized how you shut down the HeroClix Poll and no longer do quote of the week. zyou should start it back uo!

Michael said...

Only six more days to the premiere of the Vibe movie. Whatchu got planned, meng?

Anonymous said...

I miss the Vibe-dog :(
What was his name? Vibracito?

Scipio said...

The other features will return when Black History Month is over.

Actually, I don't have anything planned for the premier; I'll be at the theatre!

I like the hair.

My dog's real name is Bomilcar, but his hero codename is "Meneo".

Jeremy Rizza said...

My heart, it is very full right now. Bless you, Totaltoyz and Scipio. Bless you.