Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Let's put on a show!"

Oh, dear.

Poor Little Miss Marchy-Boots.

So lonely on her man-less island, her exhibitionistic impulses drive her to

"put on a show"

for passing boats of seamen.

Oh, Diana -- I am so sure you do.

Is it any wonder Hippolyta couldn't wait to get rid of her?

Get help, Diana, please...


Anonymous said...

Ah, female empowerment at it's best

I could comment more on this, but I'm far too exited by "Vibe! The movie, meng!" opening this month

Anonymous said...

The words "hey sailor, looking for a good time" come to mind for some reason.

Marionette said...

So this was before Paradise Island got towed out to the Bermuda Triangle?

They never did quite explain how a boatfull of greek women set sail in the Mediteranean and ended up just off the coast of America.

Anonymous said...

Soaring on the air,
Looking for men in their boat,
Does anyone see?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Her dialogue is a haiku followed by half of a tanku.

Deconstructionist interpretations of Japanese poetry whilst teasing men in mid-air?
Wonder Woman was more bizarre than I could ever have imgined.