Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things That Made Me Happy

... in my comics this week.

  • Jimmy Olsen having sex.  Yet it still manages to be squeaky clean.
  • I can certainly understand why most of the Rogues consider Grodd a threat, but I'm glad at least some of them find him disarming.
  • While I don't like Kara being irascible and quick to judge (like teenagers can be), I must admit that after decades of watching her pig-tailed subservience as Superman's 'secret weapon', it's actually refreshing.
  • FOS is the new TWHIP.
  • Okay, good; I've always wondered what falling gorilla-muffins sound like.
  • Ridiculously precise wielding of combined superpowers like heat vision and artic breath; it delights Silver Age me more than it irritates Modern Age me.
  • The Talking Sun of Alktos Prime
  • I... I just watched a drag race between the House of Mystery and the House of Secrets.
  • Cat Grant as something other than a shrill predatory harpy.
  • "The gorillas are here."
  • Clark Kent speaks up for the profession of journalism ... and the real world takes notice!
  • Wait... he actually timed it at 4 minutes and 37 seconds?
  • I get a No Prize,  I think; if Clark "can't remember the last time he perspired, if ever", then why do his used clothes stink?
  • Darryl; I don't think any character has made such a dramatic turn from minor comedy relief to mythos mainstay since Alfred.
  • Huh; I'm guessing we won't see Axel lend Lenny a hand any more.
  • I get ANOTHER No Prize:  you must be really super if you can hear the "roar of the solar flares" in the vacuum of space.
  • "The Stream of Eternal Maelstroms" is totally the name of my next put--together quartet.
  • So do you think Dr. Elias will be getting a new client for his power internalization machine?  Because someone's gonna need some new tricks up his sleeve.
  • Don't tell me, let me guess:  Dr Veritas will turn out to have a similarly sexy colleague named Dr Justicia Americanavia.