Saturday, February 25, 2006

Character Donations 119-140

Everyone from Bloodlines.

Except Hitman.

119- Action Comics Annual #5 Loose Cannon, "super-strong ex-cop"
120- Adventures of Superman Annual #5 Sparx, "lightning-wielding hero"
121- Batman Annual #17 Ballistic, "armed and dangerous vigilante"
122- Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #3 Cardinal Sin, "disillusioned priest"
123- Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #1 Joe Public, "strength-siphoning patriot"
124- Deathstroke Annual #2 Gunfire, "high-tech renegade"
125- Detective Comics Annual #6 Geist, "ghostly night-hero"
126- Eclipso Annual #1 Prism, "light-manipulating scientist"
127- Flash Annual #6 Argus, "shadow-melding undercover agent"
128- Green Arrow Annual #6 Hook, "hook-handed former soldier"
129- Green Lantern Annual #2 Nightblade, "regenerating martial artist"
130- Hawkman Annual #1 Mongrel, "darkforce-blasting rebel"
131- Justice League America Annual #7 Terrorsmith, "monster-making villain(?)"
132- Justice League International Annual #4 Lionheart, "armored high-tech knight"
133- L.E.G.I.O.N. Annual #4 Pax, "last of his race, space-shaman"
134- Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #4 Jamm, "prodigious surfer-dude"
135- Lobo Annual #1 Layla, "tough-as-nails space explorer"
136- New Titans Annual #9 Anima, "Animus-summoning grunge rocker"
137- Robin Annual #2 Razorsharp, "sword-armed hacker"
138- Superman Annual #5 Myriad, "personality-absorbing assassin"
139- Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #2 Edge, "blade-hurling community hero"
140- Team Titans Annual #1 Chimera, "illusion-creating hero"

I have no doubt these characters would be more welcome and useful in the Marvel Universe than they were/are in the DCU, and I'm nearly certain anyone who read any of Bloodlines (those of us who lived, anyway) would agree.


Anonymous said...

With names like these, I'm surprised most of them didn't turn out to be members of Chris Claremont's Brood-Mutants.

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound like the continuity police, but Gunfire was already donated by Seven Hells as number 49 or 50. Otherwise, yeah, all of these guys are better off at Marvel.

Ashtur said...

I'm your resident wierdo, but I actually like Razorsharp and the Psybarats (as well as Gunfire...)

Scipio said...

Very well then. Let Hitman take the place of Gunfire.

I didn't read him. I won't miss him. He's dead anyway, so even his fans won't miss him!

Ragnell said...

I'm not sure "the rotting corpse of Hitman" will look good on the cross-dimensional shipping list. I mean, it'd probably stink up the cargo hold and everyone else's mail. And that means Wolverine won't even open that summons from the DCU's US Attorny's office with that smell attached. He's very sensitive to this sort of thing, so he might even send an angry letter back.

Hmm.. Actually, this could work out well. I mean, can you imagine Kate Spencer's reaction to being put down in writing by a troglodyte like Logan? Especially one with such a psychopathic history. And man, if she loses that case on account of not having his testimony... It won't be pretty.

And she's got access to all that funky DC villains tech through her dayjob and her wacky sidekick. And she's the granddaughter of a JSA Founder. I mean, we know the Infinitors tended to suck, but Kate's generation does pretty good for itself.

And even the least skilled DC legacy hero (An Infinitor) still tends to be better than Marvel A-listers.

We might actually get rid of Wolverine this way!

Scipio said...

"I'm not sure "the rotting corpse of Hitman" will look good on the cross-dimensional shipping list."

Oh, Marvel can always bring him back from the dead. I mean, it's not like "dead is dead" or anything.

Anonymous said...

You know, Scipio, for a company that's supposedly so much better than Marvel, DC sure has a lot of REALLY LAME characters available for these character donations.

And in all fairness, Marvel never amassed as many losers in such a short time as DC did when they presented the traumatic Bloodlines event to its incredulous readers.

Just sayin'.

Captain Infinity said...

Man am I glad I missed the whole Bloodlines thing. Just reading the list of characters makes my eyes bleed.

Anonymous said...

In Bloodlines, a new hero was created for each DC annual.

In 1993 a new character appeared in every Marvel Annual. The only one that amounted to anything was Genis, who later became Captain Marvel.

The worst one was Bantam. A Puerto Rican boxer with a rooster's crest on his head whose power is basically that he gets mad and punches things alot. His arms appear to have superspeed. The rest of him not so much. Not sure if he has super-strength as he either punches ordinary humans or Captain America's shield.

Brack said...

Actually even if they arrived in Marvel, with those names most of them would end up as members of the sort of thrown together supervillain team Count Nefaria or someone would have fight Captain America for 2 issues and then be never seen again.

Though I do like the names Geist & Argus, and Loose Cannon, Cardinal Sin and Joe Public have a nice punny, multi-syllable feel that could work as names if attached to stronger concepts.

Scipio said...

You'll note that, almost without exception, the characters being donation by either me or Devon were creating during the post-Crisis period when DC was trying to replicate Marvel's success by aping their writing and characters.

The very period of weakness that DC is now repudiating with "Infinite Crisis"....

David C said...

I remember thinking Myriad was a potentially good character for an offbeat crime series of some sort.

On the Marvel annuals, one funny bit I remember:

Each annual came with a trading card depicting the new character. The front of the card was arranged sensibly enough, with Character Name and either "Super-Villain" or "Super-Hero." The funny thing is that one of the cards incorrectly identified some particularly nasty-in-a-90s-cliche-way character with a name like "BloodDeathDemon" as "Super-Hero." And the way things went in the '90s, you weren't entirely sure the card was inaccurate until reading the story to be certain....

Harvey Jerkwater said...

New Titans Annual #9 Anima, "Animus-summoning grunge rocker"

Heh. Another superhero to exploit a music fad.

Like Vibe, the vibrational-summoning breakdancer.

They need to do another one of these. Krash, the super-strong krunk singer. Kangol, the high-leaping hip-hop artist. Mister Maudlin, the telepathic singer-songwriter.

I'm a bit surprised neither Marvel nor DC created a character to capitalize on that brief swing music revial. "Hep Cat! The zoot-suited avenger!"


Anonymous said...

Funfact: Cardinal Sin (and his healing counterpart, The Samaritan) were planned to be the deus ex machina that healed Batman's broken back during Knightfall.

Amazing how what actually showed up in print was WORSE than that would have been.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say Gunfire twice?

Slaughter said...

You're being injust to poor Sparx there, she was cool.
The rest of them... yeah enjoy Marvel y'all.