Thursday, November 05, 2015

In which I unapologetically say, "I Told You So."

Well, well, well...

Cullen Bunn is leaving Aquaman. Because fans--fans like me!--have disliked his work, apparently from day one.

As you may recall, I called this early.  I stated strongly that "DCYou' had clearly ruined Aquaman...the ONE thing that the TheNew52 actually fixed.

Aquaman Editor Brian Cunningham and Writer Cullen Bunn then were both dismissive of my criticisms and derisive of me on Twitter.

Well, as rude as this may be...

Guess who's laughing now?

Actually, I meant me.
But I'm sure Aquaman's not exactly broken up about it.

I really shouldn't be, though.  I should be crying. After all,  Brian Cunningham still gets to edit comics, and Cullen Bunn still gets to write them.  I, however, don't get to read them. Not good ones, any way.

Since "DCYou", I am basically reading no DC comics (other than Martian Manhunter, the cancelled Sensation Comics, the cancelled Batman66 series, and the WW77 series); this is why I haven't been blogging here, because it's hard to blog about comics when you're not reading any.

I can only hope this is the beginning of some turnaround for DC.  In a move that couldn't possibly say any more clearly, "okay, we made a mistake", DC is putting Geoff Johns back on Aquaman and picking up the "Seven Seas" storyline that was promised but abandoned.  And that's when I'll start buying Aquaman again.  

And thank YOU, DC, for listening to fans.

DC; don't be afraid to admit that you've taken a wrong turn.  Don't stay committed to Bold New Directions that readers (new and old) don't support.  Stop constantly reinventing your characters and just start growing them; that's the key to please fans, old and new.