Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Justice League Tradition

Superman beating the snot out of the rest of the Justice League.


Another fine Tradition of the DCU.


Harvey Jerkwater said...

If it's not him, it's Batman. Jeebus, one of those two is always pounding on the League.

Next time they decide to have a hero go ape on his teammates, I want the Atom to kick the JLA's asses. At least that'd be different.

Or have Green Arrow flip out and take everyone out.

That would rule. Certainly nobody would see it coming.

"I've taken out Superman with my kryptonite arrow, J'onn with a thermite bomb arrow, Hal with a yellow boxing glove arrow, and Batman with a kick to the nuts! Now to find Aquaman and stomp him with my Old Bay Seasoning arrow!"

Come to think of it, when's the last time Wonder Woman beat the holy poo out of the Justice League? I'd say she's overdue for a SuperFriends Stomping. Diana, go git 'em!

Scipio said...

I think Ollie would use a "desiccant arrow" on Arthur...

I'd like to see the Atom pull it off; he's smart enough. And no one would see him coming (well, he'd have to pick Superman off first, of course).

Anonymous said...

Superman collecting the League for later is...certainly special! What comic is that from, please?


Chris Arndt said...

Flash kicked the League's asses in 1979 when they wouldn't bring his wife back from the dead.

and Green Lantern could kill the entire League any time he wants if he's not that little girl chump Kyle Rayner.