Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Clockman, on Purpose

"You ruined my life, archer...you and that quack doctor! Well, now you're both going to pay for that when the bomb goes off ... even if I die in the process!"

Purpose is a cardinal villainous virtue.A life without purpose has no meaning. The wise Clockman knows this. His purpose in life is to destroy the enemies who destroyed his life.

Well, not destroyed, really, because he's still alive.
And has a groovy costume.
And an entry in Who's Who.
None of which he would have had, if his life had not been "ruined".
In fact, if his life hadn't been "ruined", it wouldn't have had any purpose, and a life without purpose has no meaning.

Hmm. Now we know why Clockman isn't cited as an exemplar of the villainous virtue of Logic.


TotalToyz said...

Excellent observations, but I must point out an error. The criminal in question is not called Clockman, but rather Clock King! Don't feel bad, you're in good company; back in Justice League of America #5, the legendary Gardner Fox mistakenly called him King Clock!!

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