Friday, July 29, 2005

Hal, Unjustly Treated!

Poor Hal Jordan.

He was the greatest .... UNTIL mean old Mark Waid retconned him as a sexist pompous, overconfident jackass.



The Absorbascon knows better.


Anonymous said...

Boy, those examples are old. Batman hasn't smiled since early Silver Age. And the one where Atom was waiting for Hal to turn on him? That was an evil doppleganger.

So which is better? The young bombastic jackass or the older philosophical stick-in-the-mud?

Kris (how come these identity options don't offer an email return service so I know when there are more comments?)

Robby Reed said...

I like the Hal with no personality best! It sucks when they try to give ANYONE a "personality," because the writers are so lame it is never done well.

I like Hal with NO personality, just a ring that makes big fists to punch bad guys. That way, there's less "writing" (ugh) and more action.

..... ....

Robby Reed said...

By the way, excellent series of posts! Your scanner must still be warm.