Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Alaktor, on Punctuality

Someone pointed out that our previous post on the villainous virtue of Punctuality wasn't really on "punctuality" but on "not wasting time".

Touche. But "not wanting to waste time-iness" doesn't haven't quite the ring of "punctuality", so I'll stick with calling it the latter, imprecise though it may be! I wonder how Alaktor would feel about that...?

"Stop wasting time! Your super-powers are helpless against us! Well, what is your answer? Remember, your refusal to surrender means your certain destruction!"
Alaktor, "The Civil War of the Legion"

Ah, Alaktor. He had no powers, but his back-up singers were Nero, John Dillinger, and Hitler, which really lent him cachet.

Ordinarily, if you have no powers and your teammates are a fat sissy in a toga, a gun-less gangster, and a dictator without a country, taking on the Legion of Super-Heroes would make you an exemplar of Confidence, not Punctuality.

But snitty Alaktor is always pressuring everyone to stick to his personal schedule for galactic domination...even though he has a Time Bubble!

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