Friday, July 29, 2005

Hal is Snitty

"I'll be in my trailer!" he huffed, storming off the set.

Hal is a snitty, bossy prima dona.

Even to the Atom.

And he's the nice one, too.


Anonymous said...

Hal actually used to live in a trailer: not a swank Hollywood trailer, though, a rednecky one where he had occasion to get into fist fights with drunk guys in cowboy hats. Good times.

rachelle said...

"And where the hell is that cocktail I ordered?!"

Ragnell said...

It all goes with the pilot job. Everything's gotta be about the pilot, what about the poor girl who kee[ps the freaking engine and onboard systems running? Could you fly without her? Or the guy in the tower telling you where the hell to go? What about him?

Oh no, you do it on your own, the easiest freaking job in aviation, and it's ALL YOU HAL!!!

*fumes on behalf of Tom Kalmaku*

SallyP said...

It's ALWAYS about Hal.

Reuben said...

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