Thursday, July 21, 2005

Guess the Dial!

Here's a little game for you Heroclix fans.

I recently put in an order with Master Modder Dale for several custom Heroclix. For each of these, I asked Dale to put the figure on a pre-existing dial.

Here's the list of figures; which dial did I ask to have them put on?

The Crime Doctor

Per Degaton

Killer Moth

The Human Flying Fish

Phantom Lady

The Golden Age Starman

Golden Eagle

The Fadeaway Man


Here's a big hint. In order to avoid duplication with existing DC figure, all but one of the dials are from MARVEL Heroclix.


Scipio said...

Oh, you can vote for MORE than one...

GA Starman, by the way, is the one who'll get a DC dial. The Veteran Stargirl is way too powerful and I'll put him on her dial instead.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll give it a try:

Alfred: Exp Paramedic

Crime Doctor: Vet AIM Medic

Per Degaton: Toughie. I'd expect flight and Probability Control, but turns out that's a rare combo. So I guess I'll just go with Red Skull.

Killer Moth: I'll assume you're going with the pre-Neron version and say Vet Viper.

Human Flying Fish: I couldn't even hazard a guess.

Phantom Lady: E Invisible Woman.

Golden Eagle: R Archangel.

Fadeway Man: V Vanisher.

Cat-Man: R Taskmaster

Anonymous said...

As the "Master Modder" in question, let me say how much fun I am having making these! I love loser villains!! Let me know when you want to get Calendar Man, Fisherman, Rainbow Archer, or Konrad Kaslak!