Sunday, August 07, 2005

Starman vs. The Nameless Underling

The "he" referred to in this panel is, of course, the Golden Age Starman, the DRAMA of whose adventures surpasses the combined fates of all persons, real and fictional, in Western Civilization to date.

Who is this over-the-top Starman villian? The Purple Turban? Fing the Senseless? Mercurio Kahn?

We'll never know. This is merely a nameless underling. Such is the DRAMA of Starman that even Nameless Underlings with dwarfish arms and severe arthritic hand-cramp get word balloons of Death-Dealing Dramatic Delivery, containing:

Frustrated Sea-Going Sabotage!
Oh-So-Ironic Turbine-Based Death-Traps!
Hero-Sucking Engines of Destruction!
Heroic Hamburger Helper!

OH, how I want to live in Starman's world!


Anonymous said...

That is one cool/funny/ironic image! Were the strirations across the image an effect of the scanner, or was it part of the image? What issue did you scan that from? I'd love to have that blown up to 20x30 and framed...

Scipio said...

I think it's just a perception on the part of the scanner.

It's from the legendary Starman Archive Volume 1, which is FULL of such panels. Certain this blog for previous references to Starman and you'll see what I mean...!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks!

naladahc said...

I still haven't quite figured out if you blatantly hate GA Ted Knight stories or you totally love GA Ted Knight stories.

Scipio said...