Saturday, August 06, 2005

Vox Populi, Vox DC

Oh, my! It seems my post on kid sidekicks for villains struck a nerve!

Here are the villian sidekicks who've been suggested so far:

Capt. Boomerang: Cadet Boomerang
Weather Wizard: Weather Wizzkid
Dik Flash (the Reverse Kid Flash)
Capt. Cold: Corporal Cold
Trickster: 'Lil Trickster
Pied Piper: Pied Recorder
Mirror Master: Mirror Apprentice
Killer Moth: Pupa
Abra Kadabra: Allah Kazzam
Fisherman: Bait Boy
Star Sapphire: Twinkle
Parasite: Leech Lad
Red Panzer: Master Schmitt
Killer Frost: Cold Shoulder
Black Bison: Foal
Typhoon: Squall
Multiplex: Arthouse (okay, now THAT'S funny....)
The Riddler: Query
Solomon Grundy: Grundling
Gorilla Grodd: Monkeyboy
Doctor Light: Dim-Bulb
Black Manta: Kid Ray
Mr. IQ: Master GPA

Anyone else want to play?

P.S. Gail Simone, I know you read this blog; give us some evil kid sidekicks, please!


Anonymous said...

For the Riddler, how about Rebus instead?

And for Star Sapphire, how about "Emery", a reference to the material used for emery boards, which is chemically similar to that which makes up sapphire.

Scipio said...

I liked "Quiz Kid" who appeared in the Toon Titans book!

Anonymous said...

Max Vassal.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the Brotherhood of Evil is almost as much of a goldmine as the Flash rogues.

The Brain: Hypothalamus
Madame Rouge: Mlle Mascara
General Immortus: Major Longeviti
Phobia: Unease

The Persuader: Wheedle
--Mr Ripley

Tom Foss said...

Shadow Thief: Silhouette Lookout
Brother Blood: Little Sister Sanguine
Count Vertigo: Viscount Nausea (Although Baron Helix or Baron DC might be more subtle)
Crime Doctor: Misdemeanor Pre-Med Student
Clayface: Kid Kiln
Monsieur Mallah: Garçon Garrah
Magenta: Fuschia
Kanto: Stanza
Darkseid: AtomHaert

Anonymous brought up the Fatal Five, so how about other Legion villains?
Sun-Eater: Protostar-Eater
Emerald Empress: Lady Lime (or Princess Pea)
Mano: Dedo
Validus: Erroneus
Tharok: Thapebble
Mordru: Dru

Anonymous said...

Isn't Query one of Riddler's henchwomen? I'm pretty sure those two women that hang around him as named Echo and Query.

Ashtur said...

Hush: Shush
Blockbuster: M-80
Zsazz: Zsizz (thus, Zsizz and Zsazz)
Shiv: Shank

Anonymous said...

Calculator: iPod
Clock King: Price Pocketwatch
Scarecrow: Blackbird
Mr. 104: Periodic Boy
Brain Storm: Epiphany
Ocean Master: Beach Boy
Rainbow Raider: Kid Chroma

Alexi Sivana said...

Here are a few alternate ideas for villains already mentioned:
Riddler - Quisling
Brother Blood - Sister Platelet
Abra Kadabra - Allah Peanutbutter-Sandwiches
Blockbuster - Netflix (maybe not....)

Anonymous said...

Actually, since the Sandman's kid partner was Sandy, maybe Catman's should be Catty, Fisherman's Fishery, and Shaggy Man's...well, that one doesn't really work, does it?

Anonymous said...

How about Green Lantern's female sidekick: Lady Red Light?

Anonymous said...

Blockbuster and Indie Kid? B-Movie? Wow, so many bad puns waiting to be made. I'll restrain myself.