Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lana Does Her Own Obit

In one word balloon, Lana manages to synopsize the meaninglessness of her life, as a person and as a character.

Impressive. She could get a great job writing for the GAO or TV Guide.

Maybe DC could use her to do the voiceovers in those "Intro-exposition" panels: "A reincarnated Egyptian pharaoh etc."

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Chris Arndt said...

Given that this is very much true of Lana Lang, and unfortunately too accurate to be funny... it leads to the thing that I have wondered for the past year.

If Lana Lang is no longer Clark Kent's love interest on Smallville, why is she still on the show?


her only purpose, the basis for her very existence is to be his love interest, and he isn't interested, so why should we be? She's not a good enough character on her own basis or merits to exist. let alone still be on tv.