Sunday, August 14, 2005

Golden Eagle

It's hard to fight the Dynastic Centerpiece (DC) Model (c)!

Just look at the lauded "alternate cover" for IC1 with Batman w/ Nightwing & Robin, Superman w/ Superboy & Supergirl, and Wonder Woman w/ Troia & Wonder Girl. It's iconic power practically knocks you over.

The DC Model drives me in my choice of custom Heroclix. We have Hawkman, we have Hawkgirl; I must have Golden Eagle.

And now I do, thanks to totaltoyz! He works perfectly on a Rookie Hawkman dial, particularly since I usually put the Hawkman sculpt on the KC Hawkman dial (which has substantially spear-chucking, mace-swinging OOMPH to it).

Hm. Now the Hawkclan need, say, another female character. Who can't fly, but can control birds, like the Silver Age Hawks did. Handled right, that might be a nice addition to the Hawkfamily.

"Falconette"; too cute? She'd be a cheap clix, I bet, and would provide the one thing the Hawks need: barrier!


naladahc said...

I never figured they'd bring Charley Parker back so I was thinking something along the lines of Shayera Thal (or someone else) taking on the Golden Eagle armor and calling themselves Talon or something "hawk"ish.

Then they went ahead and actually made a character out of Charley Parker and even have brought back Shayera Thal so that's all moot now.

Scipio said...


And VERY obscure!

Anonymous said...

Then cast Dakota Fanning as Falconette in the inevitable movie.