Thursday, August 04, 2005

Poor Jimmy

Despite the enjoyment I get from (making fun of) old comic books, I've never picked on Jimmy Olsen. Making fun of Jimmy Olsen is like kick-boxing a 4-year-old girl; somehow, it just doesn't seem right.

I mean, this panel alone is proof the boy has a serious mental problem...
Three guesses what happens in the next panel.


Jhunt said...

...I love the Silver Age so much...

Jimmy Olsen must be included in the new Showcase Presents collections. His brazen stupidity, and unwavering devotion to foolishly placing himself in harm's way must be rewarded!

"Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Pal"? More like "Jimmy Olsen, Professional Dumb-Ass"
..and God love him for it...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but, y'know, he was kind of cute, with all that red hair and all. heads.

Anonymous said...

"Three guesses what happens in the next panel."

He turns it on and enjoys himself?

"Don't be fatuous, Ron."

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Nick at Nite used to run a promo for the George Reeves "Superman" show called "The Jimmy Olsen Workout."

The spot showed a montage of bad guys punching out Jimmy Olsen.

WAP! Come to Metropolis! WAP! And try the Jimmy Olsen workout! WAP! Punch your way to fitness! WAP!

To give Jimmy his due, he did manage to rock those "Turtle Boy" and "Elastic Lad" identities. Lame powers and dumbass adventures were his stock in trade, and god bless 'im for it.

Amazing he never accidentally killed himself with a spork or something.