Monday, August 15, 2005

Haiku on the High Seas

Chatting with sea-creatures provides such stimulating conversation.

In fact, Aquaman and his subjects have been studying the Art of SuperHaiku, as practiced by Starman.

Clearly, they haven't quite got the hang of it, but, hey, you try haikuizing while you're surfing and depending on the oh-so-reliable Hal Jordan. Obviously, Aquaman doesn't need a surfboard, so he's just giving Hal something to do that keeps him off camera. Arthur's pretty smart.

But his poetry needs an assist, even if his swimming doesn't. Let's help our finny friends, shall we?

What is blocking your
my finny friends? Island
there! Big sun! Sand! Trees!

Sorry, Porm; the "House" may be central to the plot, but you overshot your meter scheme.

1 comment:

Marionette said...

Fitting haiku form
Does not a haiku make
Try again, fish-man