Saturday, August 20, 2005

Challenging Morrison

As one of my favorite polka artists once said, "It don' get no bedder den dis, folks."

Americans lads with page boy haircuts and Evil Queen outfits fighting bald monocled nazis with extendable artificial arms on the face of a giant golden statue of a young George C. Scott.

"What if Hitler's mechanical monster should whip Boy King's giant??"

Oh, my! That sounds awful, although I wouldn't mind seeing the videotape.

Somebody PLEASE tell me DC owns the rights
to these characters...

Grant Morrison, do your stuff!


Anonymous said...

Boy King is an even weirder character than you'd think. According to this profile, the Boy King is an actual king who fled along with his people to America once his country was taken over by the Nazis, and his robot giant was built centuries ago by Nostradamus. And at some point his statue fought a Nazi dinosaur. And I'm fairly certain I remember having read somewhere that his statue fell in love with the Statue of Liberty. DC never owned Boy King and the other characters published by Hillman (who also published the original Airboy), however, I think he's currently in the public domain and I have seen scans of some of his stories somewhere. So it's perfectly possible for Grant Morrison to use Boy King. Yes, I do know way too much about batshit insane characters from the 1940s, why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

Grant Morrison should write a comic where Boy King and his giant robot go on a kill-crazy rampage against spammy commenters, is what I think.

Scipio said...

Very impressive, Adrian; thank you!

Yes, The Crane had a giant mechanical T-Rex that fought the Golden Giant.

Ah, Nazi robot T-rex comics: the stuff of life!