Saturday, August 20, 2005

Character Donation ... Requested!

Hold on to your hats, ladies...!

There's a Marvel character I want to be donated to DC!

He's called "The Black Knight".

No, no, not the hero; his uncle, the villain! Prof. Nathan Garrett was his name. Developed high-tech weapons designed to look like medieval ones, for example, a laser lance. He also used advanced genetic splicing techniques to create a winged horse to ride. Why do such things, instead of using his vast scientific acumen to make millions? Because it was COOL. Because he COULD. Because he was so brilliant he was STUPID.

He's got "DC" written all over him.

I can picture him now, fighting Hawkman, Wonder Woman, the Shining Knight. Teaming up with TerraMan or the awesome Human Flying Fish.

He could be Green Arrow's archenemy!

But, then again...

who couldn't?


Devon Sanders said...

OOOOOHHH! That works. Make him bring She-Hulk.

Scipio said...

Isn't Monstress close enough?


I suppose not, for some.

Anonymous said...

It;s this guy just Terra Man in a different costume?

Devon Sanders said...

Actually, Rampage is She-Hulk's DC equivalent. I don't lover HER, though.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Black Knight would make a themetically good villain for Ollie. It's Robin Hood vs. the robotic Sherrif of Nottingham. Add in a twist...Ollie's a rich playboy, Black Knight's a penniless but brilliant inventor and European History professor...bam. Instant awesomeness.

Add in a Sinister Sidekick named Squire and an army of robotic knights (who would, of course, outrank the human Squire), and you're golden.

Anonymous said...

If DC will print archives of Joe Maneely's Black Knight, I'll grumpily support the motion...