Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Creepiest Post You've Ever Seen!

Hm, looks from this cover as if Hal Jordan is superpowerless except from the waist UP, this time.

And poor Hector Hammond.
So lonely. So depressed. So horny.

Ordinarily, I frown on company crossovers (I believe, along with Sonny Bono and Debbie Harry, "Segregation now; segregation forever!"). But in this case I'm moved to make an exception.

I think Hector and Modoc should date.

Yes, Hal is a man-babe and everyone wants him, and Hector is totally into him. But I can't imagine Hector putting up much of a fight when Modoc looks him in the eye and says, as he does in this panel:

"Those who know me know that Modok shall not be denied!"

Whoosh! It's enough to make a body SWOON (even if that body is mostly a giant head).

How CUTE would they be! They could go hat-shopping together, share a romantic Kirby-dot-lit dinner of nutrient-gruel (with Modok seductively spoon-feeding Hector), and then repair to Modok's hip high-tech bachelor pod, where he could prove that, in fact, he's not designed ONLY for killing, wink wink, nudge nudge.

And, the best part is, all Hector has to do is what he does best:

Just lie there.


Tegan O'Neil said...

In addition to creepy you should add disturbing and quite possibly nauseating.

I love it!

Benari said...

"Fool! Only now do you realize MODOK's true purpose: Mental Organism Designed Only for Kissin'! Now make with the smoochin' before MODOK is forced to disintegrate you!"

Scipio said...

That's SO romantic, benari...


Perhaps this is the way to bring back Romance Comics!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Add in the geneticist and all-around freakshow Arnim Zola, and the romantic possibilities are breathtaking.

And a little scary.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Hold on, I hosed up the link.

Here's the good one.

Love that Arnim!

Scipio said...


Whoa; now THAT's a Strangle Love Triangle....

Amy said...

Do you have any idea how long it's going to take to wash that image out of my brain?

Julio Oliveira said...

Talking about odd pairings... Scipio, if they said they would do a Brave and the Bold with DC Heroes of any era a la All Access, what hero you would want to pair with Vibe?

Scipio said...

I assume you do NOT mean romantically (that would either Kyle Rayner or Conner Kent ... or both).

Isn't it obvious, Julio....?

The Golden Age Starman!

Julio Oliveira said...

The Style of Vibe and The Drama of Starman? That would be really interesting!

Scipio said...



their costumes would look FABulous together.