Thursday, January 26, 2006

Character Donations 115-118

We're overdue for another Character Donation, where the Absorbascon and Seven Hells take some DCU characters that don't belong there and ship them off to Marvel with a hardy "bon voyage" (previous donations are linked below).

Character Donations 115 and 116 won't be missed since they're already...


Null and Void are "Exhibit A & B" in the case against World's Finest. When you have a book like World's Finest, eventually the writer will figure out, "Hey, Superman and Batman are in this book, so people will buy it no matter what I do!"

Following Marvel conventions, their one-word codenames are the same as their powers and form a "cute couple" name. I haven't the patience or stomach to relate their story; just trust me on this one.

And since they got their powers from the same place as Swordfish & Barracuda (who had a Marvelesque "senses-shattering saga") let's throw them in, too, as 117 and 118! Marvel lost all its mutants recently; they need some immigration and these guys would fit in fine.

Forget about the Anti-Monitor, folks. THIS is the kind of stuff that caused the original Crisis.


1-37 The Fourth Worlders
38 Firestorm
39-43 The Hangmen
44 Orca the Whalewoman
45 Mirage
46 KGBeast
47 NKVDemon
48 Gunfire
49 Firehawk
50 Man-Bat
51-55 Helix
56-58 Vigilante
59-60 Cannon & Sabre
61 Space Cabby
62 Lobo
63 Judomaster
64-65 Mongul and Mongal
66 WildDog
67 The Duke of Oil
68 Snapper Carr
69-73 The Dan Jurgens Teen Titans
74 Starfire
75-78 The Masters of Disaster
79 Black Spider
80-84 The Demolition Team
85 Rampage
86-91 The Twin Trio
92-96 Challengers of the Unknown
97-103 The Power Company
104 The Manhunters
105 Checkmate
106 Vibe
107-111 The Living Plot Points
112 Human Defense Corps
113 Nubia
114 The Darkstars


Axel M. Gruner said...

Okay, Null and Void AND Swordfish and Barracuda all gained their laughable powers from an alien artefact belonging to the X'ult...
Better donate all FIVE of this crew to Marvel. They can always make X'ult into some kind of X'rull...
Or will SWORDfish make a amazing comeback side by side with the new Aquaman?

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I read it, but...didn't they hint that N&V were gay?

Anonymous said...

Speaking as the guy who steered you to this era of World's Finest, Scip, I'm dying to read your take on The Pantheon (designed by Walt Simonson!) and Sonik The Superhero Of Sound.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I loved Null & Void when I was a kid. I thought they were the coolest, something about a rich guy helping his schleppy pal defraud the IRS with super-powers? With an appearance by Ernest Hemingway thrown in for good measure. That's what comics in the early 80's were all about. They're the only reason I learned the word "eidetic". I'll admit the follow-up story was mind-bendingly awful (although Swordfish & Barracuda being pirate superheroes had a certain charm), but their first appearance was classic late (post-Robin) World's Finest fare...

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