Monday, January 30, 2006

My Kind of Artist!

Okay, Kurt Busiek, I relent!

I'll support ANYTHING you want to do with Aquaman ...

as long as you let Fernando Albea draw it. Aquaman: Sword of Hooters, anyone?

But (semi-)seriously, folks ... is this the guy who needs to draw Black Condor, Uncle Sam, et al., or what? You could relaunch all of National's characters this way. Just imagine the Red Bee or Firebrand in Fernando's hands! Yee-ha!

Huhn. That's funny...

Kyle really doesn't look all that different, does he?


Anonymous said...

I know but I felt I needed to point it out.

Get it.


His ass is pointy.

You people just don't get comedy.

Chance said...

Gayest. Captain. Marvel. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Between Aquaman, Obsidian, the Red Bee, the Black Condor, Uncle Sam and a revived Red Torpedo (heh heh) DC could create the first all metrosexual/gay superhero group ever.

naladahc said...

Aquaman looks like the gay character Xandir from Comedy Centrals Drawn Together. Hell. I could even rewrite Xandir's bio for Arthur's and it would complement that drawing:

Authur Curry is an attractive, young, hairless King of Atlantis on never-ending quest to save his "cephalopod-in-arms" Topo. He has plus five sensitivity and his special move is being fabulous! Authur is adventurous and daring and his special skills have made him a household name on levels Chelsea, Sub Diego, and West Hollywood.

Totally works! =)

Chris Arndt said...
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Ragnell said...

All right. Upon close examination of the butts in question, Kyle has been purposefully drawn with the nicest.

We're talking animated style, so generally everything curvy will be pointed, and everything flat and straight will be slightly rounded, take note of the prominant features in the animated versions of female characters that we've seen.

So, Kyle's more angular butt in the animated universe is indicative of the full roundness that we normally enjoy.

The slightly rounded backsides of Superman and Captain Marvel indicate that their backsides go straight down in the traditional style.

And while Aquaman looks nice there, I can't really fathom Kyle looking more macho.

Jeremy Rizza said...

I'll be darned! I was thinking my Black Condor redesign (up at my site this next weekend, now, consarn it, as I've been working 12-hour shifts the last two weeks) was the gayest superhero outfit ever. Seriously, it's at the point where even I wondered if the holster on his belt contained a black-light gun or lip gloss and two tickets to "Phantom". However, I've clearly been outclassed by this guy.