Sunday, January 22, 2006

Supercelebrity Fit Club

Warner Brothers and VH1 are excited to announce their joint production of Supercelebrity Fit Club.

"Superheroes are role models for all generations and should be at the forefront of social issues," Dan Didio said at the press conference. "Rampant obesity in our society is one such issue, so who better to inspire us all with their inevitable victory over weight gain?"

Three-Ton Trinity
will square off in a multi-week weight loss competition against
the Second-Helping Second-Stringers.

The supercelebrities will be helped in the quest for fitness by

often flamboyant and irreverent host, the Elongated Man;

trainer and former gym teacher, Guy Gardner;

health expert and physician, Dr. Mid-Nite;

and hypnotherapist, Zatanna Zatarra.

The six-issue comic book adaptation of Supercelebrity Fit Club will be drawn by Alex Ross.


CalvinPitt said...

My only question is: Who will provide the insanity that Daniel Baldwin provided, and Gary Busey - surprisingly - withheld?

My money's on Hal Jordan breaking down when Gardner tells him he can't use the ring to perform liposuction on himself.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't have a pic of me in my Dr. Mid-Nite costume from DragonCon 1992...

Scipio said...

The meltdown?

Oh, J'onn Jonnz, no question. The man's a lunatic!

Anonymous said...

"Oh, J'onn Jonnz, no question. The man's a lunatic!"

Oh come on. be nice. The man lost his wife, daughter, and PLANET to a disease his brother made. So what he self medicates with oreos? Sugared lard eases the pain and fills the abyss in his soul.

You know, on second though, J'ohn actually surprisingly upbeat and stable, considering his crushingly depressing origin ("ooh, your parents were shot in front of your eyes. My entire species was wiped out, rich bastard.")

Anonymous said...

Let Mark Waid write it so that the whole thing can be a follow up to "Kingdom Come" (a real follow up, don't give me this "Kingdom" nonsense) and I'll buy 30 copies of each issue.

kalinara said...

Damn, what a time to have killed off Ted Kord. Could have him holding up an image of his heavier self saying, "It worked for me, it can work for you too!"

Anonymous said...

wow...this seems rather...shallow. Sort of like the girl who got run over by a bus in "Mean Girls".

Anonymous said...

Nice Alex Ross dig.

Scipio said...

" wow...this seems rather...shallow. "

You know, that didn't make much sense the first time you said it.

Which is why it was deleted.

You ... you DO know they haven't REALLY gotten fat, don't you?

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