Sunday, January 15, 2006

He Had It Coming

Meanwhile, in the woods of Central Pennsylvania...

"Say, where's Jordan? If he doesn't get here soon, all the deer will have--"

"Sorry I'm late, Air Force friends. I had just roused myself from the bed of exhausted yet radiant Carol Ferris, when there was an uprising on Kalanor and my colleague in the adjacent space sector needed help from me, Hal Jordan."

"So, uh, you're gonna wear that while we're hunting?"

"Thompson, if I could track down Sinestro in this uniform, then I don't suppose a few deer are going to give me a problem."

"Yeah, well, does Sinestro have horns?"

"No, though they wouldn't look out of place on the sinister countenance of my Satan-faced foe."

" ... Right. Okay. Well, hang back so the deer don't see you. Like, about a mile. And stop standing around with your legs spread; it's ... it's weird."

"Sorry, Thompson; no can do. I'll be fearlessly in the forefront of battle, as always, standing in this heroic stance. Or flying, which I also do with my legs spread."

"Yeah, I've heard that about you, Jordan, but I didn't believe it."

"You'd better believe it, mister. Hold on, my ring is talking to me... "


"What the hell are you doing, Jordan!?"

"Buck, six-pointer, 500 meters. It won't trouble anyone now."

"You incinerated it, you jackass!"

"Look, Thompson, if you can't stand the heat of battle then step back and let a professional handle this, because I don't have time to hand hold you now!"

Thompson, you'll be happy to know, was acquitted at the Court Martial.

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Anonymous said...

But you know what?

I bet Hal still slept with Thompsons wife.