Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Plastic Cat Arrow Haikus

You know, maybe Green Arrow (at least the Golden Age version) is cooler than I thought. Using a Plastic Cat Arrow in the fight against crime is impressive. Being able to HAIKU smugly about your Plastic Cat Arrow in your opponent's face: darned impressive.

Attached to a thin
shaft that you couldn't make out
and fired by me.

Dang! Nice one, Ollie.
Speedy, however, isn't as swift as his name implies, and his attempted haiku falls one syllable short:

The wind whistling through
this specially fluted arrow
which I fired.

Nice nature image, though. Or maybe I'm being unfair, and Roy pronounced it "fire-red", which is either classy and Elizabethan or it's embarrassingly hillbilly.

In either case, please help Roy out by composing a better haiku about his Meow Arrow or the situation as a whole.


S Bates said...

this specially fluted arrow

Speedy's middle line is 9 syllables and his last one's 4. Poor Speedy still needs some practice.

Anyway, here's my pitiful attempt:

You have mouse problems?
Then you need my patented
Plastic Cat Arrow.

...although it needs a (TM) at the end.

Anonymous said...

This shaft is so small
That you can't see it. Why are
you giggling, Dinah?

Anonymous said...

Speedy doesn't have
time for haiku - These arrows
will not flute themselves!

MarkAndrew said...

Mike Grell's uber-violent Longbow Hunters would have been a hundred times better if he used the "Plastic Cat with Meow Arrow" just once.

"Dinah! You... you've hurt her! Now, prepare to tast cold, cold vengeance!"


naladahc said...


What would I do without my daily doses of The Absorbascon?

I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Speedy can really
Make his arrows go "Meow";
Now that's impressive!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Taste feline justice
You villainous felon!
Twang! Meow! Voila!

Jeff R. said...

Plastic Cat Arrow
Takedown nearly as humbling
As Aquaman's best.

Des said...

Funny isn't it?
Time wasted on trick arrows,
make with the pointy.

Huh? Must be on the
nod again. All due to my
heroin arrow.

What? My sidekick's a
junkie? Oh yeah, covered this
a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Heroin arrow funny!