Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Selfless Haiku

"So it's clear the best
Course of action is simply
To let you kill me."

Ah, Nabu (you know --- the guy in the Dr. Fate helmet). He's had his less than shining moments, but when he tricked the Spectre into killing him, sacrificing himself to save others, he had the class to go out with a haiku.

I didn't notice it when I read the Day of Vengeance special, but sharp eyed Absorbacommenter Joe Hennes did. Thanks, Joe!

So what haiku can you compose to celebrate the selflessness of Dr. Fate, the re-incarnation of the Spectre, or the astuteness of Joe Hennes himself?


Anonymous said...

Why tease us with the
Possibility of a
Detective Chimp Fate?

Simian magic
Could have been the guiding force
Starting the 10th Age

Now the helm is lost
With a Captain Marvel throw
Into low orbit

Coming back to land
Just like Blue Beetle's scarab

Anonymous said...

Random helmet toss
Means scrappy everyman Fate
This revamp will blow

Anonymous said...

Bud-da Bump bump bump.
Another Fate bites the dust.
My apathy grows.

Anonymous said...

while i am a corpse
i will talk to King Kirby
for inspiration

Tom Foss said...

Spectre re-reborn
Hope this time he wears more than
a cape, gloves, and briefs

Verify word is
"ooowwf," sounds just like Hal Jordan
Hit his head again

Anonymous said...

When Nabu remarked
"Throw my hat into the ring"
Didn't mean Saturn's

Spectre will have his
Vengeance unless he is drawn
By Tom Mandrake

Anonymous said...

With everyone dead
The Kingdom Come future lied
Damn you Alex Ross

Jake said...

Spectre's fashion sense:
His speedo matches his gloves.
Where's Mr. Blackwell?

Dr. Fate--it's said--
Under his golden helmet,
Hides chronic acne.

Jon said...

Dr Fate's shoulders-
Padded, much like Bea Arthur's.
Her dick is bigger.

I apologize.
Prior haiku? Too easy.
Shan't mock Golden Girls.

Anonymous said...

Astute Joe Hennes
notices Nabu haiku -
Ten points go to him!

Des said...

Now, if only I
could get rid of this yellow
collar. So fruity looking.

Look at me: Doctor
Banana! Why don't the kids
stop laughing at me!

Wasn't sacrifice.
I'm too ashamed to exist.
Doc Strange is better.

Anonymous said...

So now Doctor Fate
Becomes some random guy? Ha!
Some Lord of "Order"!

Strike me down, Spectre,
And I shall become - uh-oh,
Lucas on the phone.

Anonymous said...

bill l. said...
Strike me down, Spectre,
And I shall become - uh-oh,
Lucas on the phone.

Lucas wants some cash
for the whole Nabu/Naboo
thing as well, the jerk.

Anonymous said...

Doc Fate, Blue Beetle,
Aquaman all get replaced.
Comic fans yawn,

But new series will
bring them back soon: "Brother Pow
er: Sword of the Geek."

Anonymous said...

Joe, you rock my world
Pointing out DC haikus
Which Scipio missed