Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Big Monkey is LIVE!

I am overjoyed to (finally) be able to announce the unveiling of!

Big Monkey Comics is the chain of comic book stores that both Devon of Seven Hells and are I associated with. Actually, with only two stores I guess it's more of an, um, anklet than a chain, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, our website is up and I find it delightful and exemplary. The young folk tell me it's "dope", which I believe is similar.

If everyone who visits the Absorbascon would at least drop in to check it out, I'd be grateful (I'm going to add a link in my sidebar to facilitate that). I'm hoping you'll visit once because I asked you, but return there because you liked it.

It has some fun features, such as

  • RSS feeds from comic book newsites
  • a blog (The Big Blog) to which Devon and I and others contribute
  • comic book reviews by Devon and some of our expert friends
  • store info and sales (gotta make a living!)
  • the Astounding Stupid Quote Balloon!
  • a very easy way to listen to Big Monkey Comics Radio (formerly SuperHero Radio)
  • links (of course) to our Ebay store and on-line Monkey Merchandise store
  • Devon's Pick of the Week and Recommend Readings
  • Two fan forums (FanFatale for women readers and Comic Book Issues for general topics)

Please let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Yay! That's really neat. Can you add more quotes?

Sadly, and I might be being a dunderhead, I couldn't find xml feeds for the blog or reviews or anything.

Benari said...

May your racks be filled
with heroic haikus at
Big Monkey Comics!

Scipio said...

"Can you add more quotes?"
Up to 2000. And I will.

Walaka said...

While I don't know you very well (and Devon less), I still somehow get a very sanguine feeling that this will all work out great! Best of luck to you both.

Oh yeah - did the site.

Where did "Big Monkey" come from?

Walaka said...

That's "dig," as in "I dig"

Anonymous said...

Yay! Awesome site, very well designed.

Scipio said...

"Where did "Big Monkey" come from?"

Nothing says "comics" like a Big Monkey.

Anonymous said...

In the Silver Age, Julie Schwartz actually had to put a cap on the number of comics covers that could feature a talking gorilla in any given month, it was such a popular device. Who could forget King Krypton, the big monkey of steel?

Harvey Jerkwater said...

I dropped by the Georgetown Big Monkey a few weeks back (to buy All-Star Superman, no less). Very nice store. Devon was working behind the counter, so I said hello.

For all you out there in internet-land, yeah, Big Monkey is the kind of comic shop you keep hoping opens up: clean, well-lit, well-stocked but not choked off with leaning piles of stuff, good selection of indies along with the standards.

(Getting there was a bit of a pain, as was parking. Dang Georgetown traffic and lack of Metro stops. Georgetown: Beautiful neighborhood, treacherous driving. I live in Arlington, a mile and a half away, so it's close to Beautiful Jerkwater Estates. Just need to find the best place to park.)

My only recommendation to improve the shop? An on-site chimp named "Donuts McGraw" who wears a bowler, a dickey, and hot pants. Donuts could retrieve customers' pull-lists for them, answer the door, and fling feces at rude customers or those who mock Vibe.

Scipio, you'll have to check into the DC animal control laws about this, but I think it could be done.