Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Catch the Vibe

Next week, please buy this comic book --
even if you don't ordinarily buy
Justice League Unlimited.


Because then it will be easier for me to say,

"I told you so."


Anonymous said...

Vibe's back and bigger than ever!!

So big he's straddling buttes.

Notice how Gypsy's doing what she does best- standing in the back looking concerned.

Now I have to buy this comic, to see why giant Vibe is fighting a big Ace robot on buttes, and how Gypsy's amazing color-changing powers will save the day.

naladahc said...

Mr. Atom should be a villain in the show!!!

Scipio said...

Oh, I'm sure Black Lightning and Ragman will pitch it somehow!

But it's VIBE who will save the day, natch.

Devon Sanders said...

To hell (Marvel) with Vibe and you know what you can't stop me from saying so!

It's not like you can screw with my paycheck or something!


Scipio said...

No, no, Devon!

But from now on, all employees must wear superhero costumes ---

guess which one YOU get?

Hope you look good in shades!


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like another bad guy is about the get SERVED!

C'mon, I had to make that reference. If only to bring Vibe up to date.

MarkAndrew said...

Wow. You've just disproved that oldest of comics cliches: "Every character is someone's favorite. Except Vibe."

Bully said...

I loves me some JLU, but I wish there'd be a bit more bite to the comic like the series had last season. I know it's meant for kids, but every issue seems to be a "Justice Leaguer faces a difficult decision; triumphs by doing the right thing and teaches us all a lesson about teamwork and respect and legacy." We're one step away from Batman and Robin telling us to cross the street at the green, not in between, in a short piece after the main story.

Beautiful artwork, though, and I'll gladly live with a little preachiness in what is consistently one of the most fun and diverse books on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

But... but knowing is half the battle!

Anonymous said...

It's really hard to be Puerto Rican and the only character that represents us in the JL is this break dancing dude.

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