Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stamp Out Crime!

Okay, granted, this is a very good thing:

I know that this is the first page of stamps I shall have ever bought, and I will have it framed and on the wall.

But I have to agree with Kevin ...

where the heck is VIBE, meng?


Harvey Jerkwater said...

I'm unreasonably happy at the inclusion of Plastic Man. Jack Cole's Plas was one of the highlights of comic history, and dammit, even the Post Office knows it! Woo!

But I could never use some of these stamps.

How could anyone bring himself to lick Hal Jordan? Eeeyew.

Supergirl? Sure. Wonder Woman? Yep. Hawkman? Maybe if he bought me a few beers and told me I looked nice.

But Green Lantern? Bleaugh.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you've never flown with me.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad they're using Aparo art for at least one of the Aquaman stamps! Only Ramona Fradon art could have made me happier.

Here's hoping there's a Series 2 of these, including the JSA! The obvious cover image for that one would be All-Star Comics #3, but I'd prefer #4 or #12.

MarkAndrew said...

Hey! Let's name all the artist:

From Top Left

1. Tim Sale,

2. Neil Adams,

3. Dunno (Sekowsky,)

4. Dunno (Kirby, maybe? I don't know who else even drew the GA Green Arrow.)

5. Jim Lee

6. Izzat Carmine Infantino?

7. Dunno. Hilary Barta did Plastic Man for a bit, but I'm not hugely familiar with her style.

8. Jim Aparo. (Would've liked a Nick Cardy Aquaman m'self.)

9. Jim Mooney.

10. Murphy Anderson, I assume.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Hm. Best guesses:

1. Wayne Boring?
2. Neal Adams
3. Mike Sekowski
4. Jack Kirby
5. Jim Lee
6. Carmine Infantino
7. no idea
8. Jim Aparo
9. Curt Swan
10. Murphy Anderson
11. Fred Ray
12. Gil Kane
13. George Perez
14. Phil Hester
15. Bob Kane
16. Carmine Infantino
17. Jack Cole
18. Curt Swan
19. Rich Buckler
20. Joe Kubert

Ragnell said...

harvey jerkwater -- You say you'd only need booze and compliments to put your tongue on Hawkman?

Are you insane?!!

Hawkman is crawling with ancient Egyptian and hyper-advanced Thanagarian germs! And he stinks! And I don't mean figuratively, I mean he quite literally smells. You can tell from the art. Excess body hair, large sweaty man in constant physical motion. He also always looks grimy to me. I don't beleive he showers. I believe he just accumulates smell, to the point that just a whiff of him knocks bad guys out cold, so that he doesn't have to hit them so hard with his heavy mace. This is why he does very well against multiple opponents. It's also why no one in the JLA likes him.
Done well enough, you don't even need to look at a panel to find Hawkman -- you can sniff for him! A good artst can make Hawkman's odor seep through the pages of a comic where he appears, even briefly. A great artist, and you sense the stench from across the store!
I could never put my mouth anywhere near Hawkman!

I would have to get out a sponge for my postal purposes. I mean, it is the only way I could get him the bathe!

Now, Green Lantern, on the other hand, seems quite tasty to me. Any of the male Earth Green Lanterns (I'd be too afraid of catching anything off of Jade) at a club could probably convince me to hand the keys to my best friend and start downing tequila shots.

You've just made me take back anything positive I may have inadvertantly said about your inteligence.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

De gustibus non est disputandum, baby.

MarkAndrew said...

11. Fred Ray
14. Phil Hester
18. Curt Swan
19. Rich Buckler

Nice. I wasn't even gonna hazzard a guess on these four.

And some of these are TOUGH. Joe Kubert's my favorite artist ever, and I *know* he did the first few Silver Age Hawkman stories, but I could never tell it was his work from that teeny cover.