Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Dream Team Takes a Bullet

Meanwhile, back at the secret headquarters of the Fabulous League of America, in the abandoned underground rail station beneath Dupont Circle, the all-gay heroclix team acquires its next member:


Bulletman and Bulletgirl pics courtesy of Totaltoyz Dale

Okay, I don't care how "bullet-like" your powers are; putting on that costume is clearly a cry for attention. Special attention. From special people.

"But, but", someone is objecting and ironically mentioning Bulletman's favorite subject. "What about Bulletgirl? Isn't she his girlfriend?"

How cute! I bet you thought Caesar Romero and Ricardo Montalban were straight, didn't you? Anyway, take a good look at Bulletgirl:

Reality check! Bulletgirl has a life-size Power Girl poster on her bedroom ceiling. Bulletgirl vacations on Themiscyra. Bulletgirl has the only complete collection of She-Hulk issues in Fawcett City.

Let's just agree that she and Bulletman are colleagues on this team, and leave it at that...


Shon Richards said...

You go Bulletgirl!

That's an adorable figure by the way.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh man. That costume is just so wrong on so many levels.

And yet, so right. Um, how tall is Bulletman anyway? Not that I'm a size queen or anything.

Anonymous said...

::snicker:: Have you read The Bulleteer yet?


Anonymous said...

Why am I thinking Bulletman's alter ego should be named Steely Dan?

Scipio said...

Have you read The Bulleteer yet?

No, but I hear it's quite a different take on the character(s).

And more overtly sexual in its imagery!

Anonymous said...

Bulletman was a douche that stole Hawkman's Nth Metal and a Miraclo Pill and dared to try to call himself original. Luckily, I think he died and Bulletgirl disappeared only to be replaced by the Bulleteer. She seems worth caring for than these super-thieves