Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There is nothing wrong with your Absorbascon Apparatus

Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Bat-Mac is now controlling the transmission. Straight outta London to the ghettos of Georgetown.

For one night only, I've been given control of the Absorbascon. And you know what, it's bloody hard work. It really makes me realise how much effort Scipio puts in to this to entertain you 700+ readers a day.

Some of you may be doubting if "Scipio" even exists. I know he does. And he is a disturbed man.

I've just spent half an hour in his dark basement, queering up his vast DC Archive collection.

However, I can now answer the question you have been wondering for several months:

That picture of the Vibe custom Heroclix he posted here. It actually exists. It wasn't Photoshopped, He paid US currency to get one made.

I'm leaving now. Let us never speak of this again.


Anonymous said...

And we love him for it. Right, guys?


Phillip said...

Yay!! (?)