Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bizarro Haiku!

Oh, you crazy Bizarro!

Naturally, the first time we see Superman's imperfect duplicate, he introduces himself with -- what else -- an "imperfect haiku":

"Kryptonite rays kill you, but
not harm Bizarro!

Nothing can harm Bizarro!"

A 7-5-7 meter? Of course! That's how bizarro-haiku works!

What suitable bizarro-haiku can you compose to celebrate the creation of Superman's cracked reflection?


Anonymous said...

Roses blue. Vi-o-lets red.
Sugar am bitter.
You am foul. Me hate you!

Des said...

Bizarro not wait to throw
rock at Superman
until his yoga is done

Anonymous said...

Tears am smiles on my rock face.
Me make you bleed now.
Me love you me hate you now.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye! Is terrible meeting you.
You am Bizarro,
Awful Silver Age creation!

Anonymous said...

Me am comic relief from
important lessons
taught to Lois and Jimmy

Hate Filled Poster said...

Me am now good guy.
Make human bomb 'splode real small.
Me very happy.

Bully said...

How come so much Bizarro
Haiku actu'lly
Sounds like the Hulk is speaking?

I'll answer my own question
Hulk writes good haiku
But often he has a little trouble counting out the right number of syllables in the last line.

Anonymous said...

Bizzaro is only pawn
In the game of life
Bizzaro like Mel Brooks' films

Anonymous said...

Kryptonite am like candy.
Superman turn green,
But it make Bizzarro blue.

obSilverAge Blue K Ref