Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quote Poll

It was no surprise in last week's hotly contested Quote Poll that the Original Superman won in the end. The Joker came out 2nd, and Hawkgirl took 3rd.

This week in early voting, The Shark and Jimmy Olsen are tied, followed closely by Black Hand. Fact is, they're currently eyeing one other nervously backstage now! I can see them on my monitor: I think Jimmy's about to shake hands with Black Hand, while the Shark looks on, smiling -- very widely. Don't worry about the Shark, Jimmy: he only eats brains.

The Shark's "need more brain" quote is pithy, and funny yet horrible, considering that this updated version of the Shark grows more intelligent by eating other people's brains. I love this quote because it explains why Hal Jordan isn't afraid of The Shark.

Jimmy Olsen says "I looked it up on my superwatch." The context of the quote is irrelevant (besides, it's a Morrison story, so context doesn't help anyway). But it's a perfect geeky sentence, one that encapsulates Jimmy's role as an annoying little sycophant who STILL gets to hang out with superheroes. Every comic fan who reads it immediately thinks two things, simultaneously: "Geez, Jimmy--what a cheeseheaded goober you are with your 'superwatch' !!" and "Dang it, if only I had a superwatch!"

Black Hand's "how nice" quote? Well, if you haven't read Green Lantern this week, trust me: this is a creepy quote, and one that signals Black Hands immediate conversion from a D Listed remembered only in the pages of the DC Encyclopedia to a pillar of Hal Jordan's horror-laden rogue's gallery of Sci-Fi Channel escapees.


Chris said...

" I love this quote because it explains why Hal Jordan isn't afraid of The Shark."

That. Was. Brilliant.

Mark "Puff" Anderson said...

Yeah. Agreed.

I thought this was a pretty darned good issue of Green Lantern.

I liked it so much that I did a review of it on my blog.

Not something I normally do.

I wish they had given us a look at how the Shark went from the more humanoid shark to the more shark humanoid, but I still liked it.

The aliens speaking German was a bit of a toss for me, but it was cool nonetheless.

Of the three quotes presented here, I would go with Black Hand's as being my favorite.


Anonymous said...

I love Hal but.....

::giggles helplessly::


Scipio said...

This issue was certainly was a perfect example of a situation where you can't figure out whether Hal's really brave,really cocky, really stupid, or all three.

"Hal, dude; even though you KNOW damn well the Shark has psychic powers, you just stand there in a green shark cage waiting for hit to bite it? Ever think of lifting him OUT OF THE WATER? Or recharging BEFORE you go into battle?"

Ragnell said...
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Ragnell said...

Hal's just been hit on the head one too many times.

This issue was great. So were the last four (all of which had many fine bonehead moments) I love Hal Jordan, too, but I don't think I'd like him half as much as I do if he had twice as much common sense.

(Sorry, deleted my last comment because I realized that twice as much as zero is still zero. Then I figured, hey, what the hell?)