Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Okay, I'll admit it: I didn't know who Charles Bukowski was either.
  • Only Cliff Steele would say, "Typical" at that point.
  • Yes... what is a human life, balanced against a perfectly cooked omelette?
  • Batman discovers that Moscow ain't Gotham.
  • "At least they're about how fairness and justice still prevail in the world, and that's important these days." Hear, hear.
  • Really, it surprisingly anyone is allowed to build a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster in the DCU anymore, because it's always just a matter of time... .
  • Eddie's sex-change shortcut.
  • I'm amazed that I've been made to care so much about Kryptonian politics.
  • Heh. Now THAT is Artemis.
  • The Human Flame versus Miss Army Knife. Guess who wins?
  • Whoa. DP kicks butt.
  • The Gotham laws about important conversations.
  • Lookalikes. In flavors.
  • Free will override? Heh. That's the Chief's work alright.
  • Alura does her job.
  • It's good that someone remembered Jay's friends. But that was a cheap and unnecessary way to do so. I officially disapprove.
  • "I eat impossible for breakfast and crap out unicorns!" is my new signature saying.
  • Rita and Karen as friends. That makes perfect sense!
  • Black holes that negotiate.
  • Really, of all the sentences I've read lately, "C'est le chlore, un element chimique gazeux!" was among the least likely.
  • Mr. Polka Dot's ironic fate.
  • Wow. A riot of Kryptonians is not a pretty thing. Unless it's drawn really really well.
  • Kanigher Street, indeed.
  • Zummazumma, the Living Doll. Priceless.
  • Ah. Banshee. That's makes perfect sense.
  • Wow. James Robinson remembers how Ray and Freddy know each other. Impressive.
  • Mr. Bateman. Lord, I nearly fell out of my chairing laughing at that.
  • I LOVE Copper.
  • Say, what you like; it's good to see Congo Bill again.
  • I actually had to look up 'furikake'.
  • That's from Dante's Inferno, by the way. "Abandon all hope, ye who enter."
  • 26-th dimensional hypergriffins. Really, want more do you want?
  • I, too, am still unhappy with my fricatives.
  • Skelecopter. Priceless.
  • "This a job for Superman." If you are not reading World of New Krypton, I call thee fool.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Pep 30: Violating the Fourth Wall AND Madonna

Now this is some Pep-style Detective-Action-Adventure!!! Which, in case you hadn't noticed, takes place in AUGUST, and apparently in the Skull Cave.

The Shield is back where he belongs, on Stage Right, with his hair well-inked and sporting a kicky new blue sequin cinch belt, just like my Aunt Susie used to wear to the Sock Hop; slimming! I think Hangman took him shopping to freshen his look... .

The Shield is practically bursting off the page to a degree that must have made 25 year-old Jack Kirby's nipples hard. Not just zhoompfing in like he usually does, the Shield is left-hooking Herr Zoeller there through the Fourth Wall so hard, I almost ducked, just like my Aunt Susie seeing "House on Haunted Hill" for the first time in the theater. And the gorilla downstage left is nearly petrified by it!

Meanwhile, the Hangman, still borrowing Dusty's cape starch while the kid's away at Archie Re-Education Camp, is strangling what looks like Eclipso's grandpa, just as he was about to employ an electricified marital aid ("The new five-speed Whoopie Rotor (tm)!" as endorsed by William Moulton Marston) on young Madonna, who's taking a break from her work on the set of the Republic Serial version of Evita to get chained to a stump for her usual lunchtime shenanigans, much like my Aunt Susie in the woods after the big Homecoming game. At least, that's how my mother tells it.