Monday, March 12, 2007



i have somehow traveled forward in time to monday, march 12!

glad to see your back...?
Just keep your rod where we can see it!
I prefered this blog when you posted. Glad to see you back.
Welcome back! Don't let the bastiches get ya down!
Man. I think the planet just settled back onto its proper axis...
And so he is returned.

I didn't get to finish my 98 part short series on how I became a zombie while searching for you through the time stream.
Welcome back.
I take it this means the "break" is over? Wow, that was a fast month! ;) Just kidding, Scipio. Glad to see you back in the saddle, dude!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
No longer does my mouse emit a tiny electronic sigh when it pauses mournfully upon the Absorbascon bookmark.
Hooray for moderation!


There's a sentence I never thought I would write....

Glad to see you back so soon. I'm afraid that in the past two weeks I've already forgotten everything I've ever learned about Heroclix.
Finally the world is in harmony again! It's great to see you posting again scip.
Good grief! Has it been a month already?
Damn...somebody used the line I was going to say. Anyway, welcome back! We missed you! Don't leave us again, k?
Welcome back! Hope the time off has done you some good. Now I want a paper on the Heckler's dynastic thingamagiggy by friday!

See? See? I KNEW clicking on the Absorbacon line in my favorites would pay off.

Glad you're back, you walking menace to polite society.
I never knew Starman could do understated. That was hilarious.
Congratulations on emerging from your huge funnel! must tell me how you did that, sometime! Just, know, curious!


The post did say that, right?

Hopefully, people won't complain about the "free ice cream" anymore. It's free! Enjoy! Or don't. Just don't complain about the content that you didn't pay for.
Yay! Good to have you back, Scip.
Oh man, I am so happy you posted something.

More please? As time permits? Your insights and humor are some of my favorite things on all the whole wide interwebs.

You see what happens? You leave, and they kill Captain America! I know you are a DC guy, heck so am I, but still, geez.
Hello! (does a little dance)
Hooray! Welcome back, Scipio! We missed you!
Scipio Garling has returned to the Absorbascon?!

This is the best birthday present ever!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

*rushes off to organize a ticker tape parade for Scipio*
That's the funniest return post I've seen since Maury Povich! It's good to see you posting again!
Hey... it's not March 26. He came out of his tunnel early.

Six more weeks of snark!
Welcome back! Thank you for bringing Starman with you!

Scipio's back already? But our plans haven't been completed!

Quick! Eat the children!
For none can keep the might of men such as you and I contained! It is good that you have returned. The best ones never stay gone.
Teach me what I need to know, Absorbascon!

Welcome back.
If you leave again, we'll kill Tawkey Tawney.
Welcome back, man. We kept the comicsblogoweb nice and warm for you!
Welcome back!

Does this mean we can expect 'Groovy Chick Month' sometime soon?
GCM is being prepared.

This has made me happier than being in a Vibe/Human Flying Fish Sandwich.
Welcome Back :)
Hurah! Welcome back! I look forward to reading things I don't agree with, but am entertained by nonetheless!

-- Jack of Spades
Aha! The inter webs sparkle again.
Hooray!!! :D
Life sucked when the Absorbascon was was like Hal from the waste UP. Long may you reign!
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