Friday, July 08, 2005

Starman Provides My Birthday List


For some readers, drama is a spice, whose judicious use renders savory a solid meal of a well-done slab of plot with a healthy side of characters. But if you're a reader of STARMAN....

Drama's a drug, baby, and you mainline it, you snort that smack right up the nose. Who cares about getting three square storylines a day, I got my high-qual drama fix, man, and this ain't that cheap Wolfman crap you find on Titan Street that's been stepped on 10 times and strung out over 24 issues, this is the pure Starman stuff, and you can't handle much more than a panel at a time.

Hooded, robed masterminds directly menacing you through the fourth wall!

Sarcophagal emergences!

And Minion Injunctions so high-octane you just ... can't read them... without SHOUTING!


My birthday's July 20, folks, and I only want three things:
  1. A purple floor-length tunic with matching hood ensemble.
  2. A standing sarcophagus (with squeaky hinges), size 42 short.
  3. Thought-Robots ... at least six of them.


Harvey Jerkwater said...

Oh my dear god, I have to get whatever Archive edition this is from.

Scipio, you've overwhelmed me with the Golden Age Starman's awesome-osity. Where did you find this stuff?

"THOUGHT-ROBOTS! SEIZE HIM!" is my new catch phrase.

Scipio said...

The Starman Archive Volume 1 (it's the only one). Accept no substitutes.

Wait'll I show you the one where Starman fights F. Murray Abraham...

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Sure, you may lose customers / clients / employees / employment , but the feeling of satisfaction will last the rest of your life.