Sunday, August 14, 2005

Assist me to the couch!

I--I just--
I'm just ... overwhelmed. The DRAMA of Starman, it's ... I ...

Wizened, bilious, disembodied body parts floating over amorphous diaphanous miasma!

Our hero, studly and prostrate in a seductive pose, his power rod powerless!

Absolute helplessness in a pitiless gloomy cavern!

Villainous third-person self-reference!

The Named Horror of "the Abyss", symbolic of the anhililation of not mere existence but meaning!

Beyond it all, the hideous parody of the Sistine Chapel, with the unspeakable blasphemy of the Mist replacing God, reaching out his man to bestow anti-life to, not the first man, but the ultimate man, mind and body....!

That's it; I must find all copies of the Starman Archive ... and destroy them. They are a threat to society, to decency itself.


Anonymous said...

I'm a long-time reader and a die-hard DC fan, forced out of hiding by the de-lurking drive.

I love the blog, and these Golden Age Starman DRAMA posts are some of my favorites.

You can expect to see me post again when I have something interesting to add to a post.

Anonymous said...

Man, that is one cool-looking villain right there. We need more stories with the Mist.

And mad props for the artist, who makes the Golden Age Starman's costume look almost dignified.