Saturday, June 25, 2005

Vurm, infuriated

ho slaves
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That is what Starman offers! Each panel, each balloon, each caption! The Golden Age Starman is the bon bon of drama; you can't consume a whole box all at once, it's all you can bear to take in a morsel or two before collapsing.

In this panel, Vurm is infuriated, and, trust me, ya don't want to infuriate Vurm. The fading hum of machinery! The fist clenching! The squinty grimace of constipated consternation!

Villainous invective (you meddlesome fool!)!
Frustrated hyperbole (you've prevented my greatest triumph!)!
Threats of protracted death by a Named Horror (for that you will suffer death by The Knife Torture!)!

And, for those of you who have not yet fainted, the stunning Minion Injunction:
"Ho, Slaves!"

No wonder Starman was cancelled; it probably killed all its readers!

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Anonymous said...

I love putting unnecessary articles into sentences. "The knife torture" is a splendid example. Why just make your enemy "suffer death by knife torture" when you can bust out the knife torture? Awesome.

Though I never really followed The Starman, I did at least enjoy this panel. (See how much fun that is?)

How many people will find your plea for comments and go in just to type "first!" Those people are very much in need of the knife torture.