Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Green Arab

I can barely stand it! So much high-powered STUFF happening in the DCU!

What Superman Did! The Fight! What WW Did! What Brother Eye Said! The Arrival of the Calvary in Flash! What's About to Happen to Firestorm! The Secret Society EVERYWHERE!

Could it get any worse, readers?

Puh-lease! The Golden Age Starman faced worse stuff EVERY FRIGGIN' DAY. I mean, it's not like we're up against: THE GREEN ARAB.

Yes, the Green Arab was an Arab avenger decades before it became fashionable. Like all Starman villians he had the uncanny power to menace through the fourth wall, but unlike them he was green. How very disturbing!

The man, the legend, the Green Arab has more menace in ONE word balloon than in a half-dozen DC crossovers.

Just take a gander at the ...

Relentless Dervishes of Death!

Sacred Stones and their Concomitant Temples!

Secret Headquarters with Secret Tunnels-- under YOUR house!

Cryptosexual Imperatives!

DC: now is DEFINITELY the time to bring back the Green Arab. Now, THERE's a comic for our troops over seas...


Devon Sanders said...



Scipio said...

Come, Devon ....

Kobra's dead! We REALLY need a terrorist replacement...

Devon Sanders said...

Well, it seems to be a problem over in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

scipio; oh man, i just discovered your live365 stream and...i don't know what to say, i love it more than anything ever!!

such an amazing collection, especially the 'superman' dance track by holy ghost. i just moved to d.c., is there a good super hero community here?

thank you, thank you, thank you. keep up the good station!!


Anonymous said...


you found the method man 'riddler' song?!??!!

this station is CRAZY!!!!!

i'm seriously gonna tell everyone i've ever met about this.

Scipio said...

Well, thank you, Ursula! I'm glad you enjoy SuperHero Radio. I created it because I know it's hard to find some of that stuff.

The local comic book store in Georgetown (333-8650) may soon help subsidize the couple extra bucks a month it will take to expand it. I would have to upgrade the station's Live365 membership if I wanted to put on any more stuff.