Monday, July 25, 2005

I Have Seen The Light

Can you guess whose enemy this is?

This is "The Light", whose DRAMA (and heavy inking) clearly mark him as a foe of the original Starman.

Nowadays in order to be named "The Light", you'd have to have some shiny, luxiferian powers. But in the Golden Age you called yourself The Light simply because you could, simply because you were so goldarned friggin' EVIL that people went blind if they stared at you for too long.

Quickly, quickly, before you go blind, perceive...

Infuriated befoilment!
Dismissal of deception!
Increasingly loud promises of universal destruction!

Thank the gods The Light is glancing off panel; if he were looking straight AT you through the fourth wall, you'd be blind or senseless, or both, by now. These are the kind of people Starman dealt ... with ... daily. You WILL respect Starman!

Note to future artists: if normal bodily appendages distract from DRAMA, you may omit them and focus only the villain's flatness of head and wickedness of facial hair.

Note to future boyfriends of mine (Hi, Phil!): anything mentioned by a Starman villain is a lovely and appropriate gift. Thought-slaves, disintegration tubes, earthquake machines; anything will do, really.


Anonymous said...

No, no, see, he's reaching into his back pocket to GET the Disintegration Tube! Now, I forget, what's it supposed to mean when you walk around with the Disintegration Tube in your left pocket...?

Anonymous said...

Come on now. Thought-slaves, disintegration tubes, and earthquake machines would be lovely gifts from anyone!


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