Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Haiku and Farewell

As regular readers know, Starman -- the real Starman -- is the Father of Heroic Haiku. So, on this Haikuesday at the Absorbascon, we ask the question:

What were the real Starman's last words to his son, Jack the Poseur?

Ted, of course, knows how cool he is. Ted was cool before the word was used that way. Ted invented cool, along with a nearly miraculous hand-held device that sucked power out of the very ether. In his spare time.

Ted hopes that Jack finally understands: "Son; this is what cool is. Not peddling old knicknacks, wearing Hawaiian shirts, and shacking up with circus freaks. Do you get it, now, son?"

Jack seems to get it, I think. Regardless, the Absorbascon knows how cool you are, Ted. Who else would go out ... with a haiku?

When you tell your boy
about me, please lie a bit
to make me sound "cool".

What haiku of yours will honor the real Starman's death or replace Jack's reply?


Anonymous said...

I'll do you one better: I'll compose a haiku about the death of Starman... In Japanese!

Sugoku geki da na

Roughly translated:

Yes, he is Starman
Amazing drama indeed
Now it is over

Shon Richards said...

Cosmic rod alone
Does not make one a Starman
It is the Haiku

Haute Corbeille said...

I almost forgot
About that tentacle chick
What was he thinking?

David Campbell said...

Dad, you wore a fin
A fin on top of your head
What could be cooler?

Anonymous said...

How manly was Ted?
He bagged Black Canary. Whoa!
Dig that cosmic rod!

Anonymous said...

Dad, you are the coolest.
You gave me your best asset:
A humongous rod.

Anonymous said...

Crap, one too many syllables in the first line! Here we go:

Dad is the coolest!
He gave me his best asset:
A humongous rod.

Ah, that's better.

Anonymous said...

I won't have to lie
Because I'll never appear
In DC again

Anonymous said...

Look how I'm dressed, dad.
What makes you think my kid will
Ask me what "cool" is?

Anonymous said...

I invented sweet
Octopus love; you just had
a tentacled girl

JP said...

Don't worry, daddy
I'll just sing him that old song
by David Bowie

That was bad. But really, what can beat a Japanese haiku? We've all been outclassed!

I'm a huge fan of the Jack Knight Starman but I gotta admit scoring with Black Canary is the one thing that outclasses scoring with a tentacled chick.

Scipio said...

Ever single one of the haikus was GREAT this time; really! I am very impressed; it is a fitting tribute to the real Starman.

Every one of them is worthy of appearing in the sidebar; but, yeah, a double haiku in Japanese and English had got to be one.

Anonymous said...

I don't know... It flows pretty well to me. You just have to get the right rhythm. And I mean, if you want to be freaking technical none of these are haiku because they're not in Japanese and don't evoke the nature images found in haiku.

But who cares? Tis all in good fun.

Roderick said...

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