Friday, May 11, 2007

Groovy Chick Month 6: Judy Walton

Like all the Sea Devils, Judy Walton is a vastly superior being. This is such common knowledge that I scarcely feel any need to elaborate. But that's never stopped me before.

Judy Walton is the Ultimate Woman, tantalizing in her perfection, yet ever unattainable, always just beyond your reach.

On an average dive, Judy Walton saves the life of a Treasury agent and captures a diamond smuggler, dismissing it as "Nothing much":

Little known fact:
Judy Walton invented waterproof lipstick.

Judy Walton saved Dane Dorrance from losing his innocence to a swordfish, using nothing more than a life preserver from the Marie Celeste. No, really; the Marie Celeste.
Underwater partners don't get more creative than Judy Walton, fellas.

Needless to say, Judy Walton knows the pleasures of sweet sweet octopus love.

Daily, in fact.

Judy Walton is no frilly female; she's as cool as an ice queen.

See? Told ya so.

Judy Walton has special abilities all her own. For example, her disturbing ice queen eyes and impermeable lip gloss give her precognitive abilities.

Oh, Judy; we don't need any sea witch but you, you enchantress!

Judy Walton can violate the fourth wall -- and you -- at will.

Apparently, it's genetic.

Judy Walton's incomparable interpersonal skills and elocution make her the mistress of any social situation, no matter how potentially awkward it might otherwise be.

Really, the more you stare at this panel and contemplate the context,
the worse it gets.

Judy Walton even has the ability to lead her companions telepathically in nursery rhymes in pig latin underwater.

Let's see Mera do that.

In short, Judy Walton is not merely a groovy chick, but, as mentioned, a vastly superior being. So don't mess with Judy Walton.

Unless she orders you to.


Bill Reed said...

Do I even want to know the context of the Pig Latin panel? Or why freckles there doesn't understand the proper way to construct a word in Pig Latin?

Scipio said...


No; no, you don't.

Anonymous said...

Excellent choice! A truly groovy chick! You know we share a love of the Sea Devils (I'm still trying to get you to order an Octopus Man custom HeroClix; need a giant for that underwater map). I think all the heroines of DC's Silver-Age non-costumed adventure strips showed a resourcefulness, intellect, and courage unmatched by the "damsels in distress" like Lois Lane and Vicki Vale; and in my seldom-humble opinion, Judy Walton was second only to Karel Sorenson of the Star Rovers!

MaGnUs said...

Groovy sea witch! She can violate me anytime! But please, please, never ever let her freak of a brother near me!

What's in DC waters that turns red-wearing teen deep diving heroes into FREAKING MONSTERS?!??!!? My God the younger Walton looks almost as freaky as Aqualad!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm constructing a really interesting story in my head around that conversation between Judy and the girl in the purple bikini. Needless to say, both the bikini and the wetsuit will disappear at some stage.

Scipio said...



ticknart said...

Re: The last image

I always thought of Ocean Master as the queen of the sea.

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying Groovy Chick Month. Please tell me that Ruby Ryder, a recurring villainess from The Brave and the Bold, will be appearing at some stage.

Scipio said...

I've never read any of those issues, A; but what I could gather on the internet, she certainly was a handful! I hadn't realized Haney had created any running characters for B&B...

Anonymous said...

I think Ruby Ryder (apparently based on Copper Calhoun from the Terry & the Pirates strip) may have been the only recurring character Haney created for B&B. I've read a couple of her appearances and she fits the goofy charm of Haney's 70s B&B and certainly qualifies as a 'groovy chick'.

That's the Spirit said...

This post proves conclusively that we, the general comics reading public, need a Sea Devils omnibus.


Captain Infinity said...

I never realized Howdy Doody was one of the Sea Devils.

Scipio said...

I demand the Sea Devils Archive.

Anonymous said...

I demand the Sea Devils Archive.

I'll gladly sign that petition!