Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Groovy Chick Month 5: Sapphire Stagg

Sapphire Stagg.

Is she groovy because she is achingly beautiful and curvaceous?

Is she groovy because she's the heir of the absurdly wealthy genius-tycoon Simon "Choke on My Pet Lap Snake!" Stagg?

Is she groovy because she's a hip, sassy, trend-setting jet-setter and goofy-footing hot-dogger, who once hired goons to attack Batman?


Sapphire Stagg is groovy because when her beau transformed from a sexy Josh Berstein- like hunk into a gruesome elemental monstrosity, her devotion to him wavered not in the slightest or even for an instant.

That is one groovy chick.

P.S. Except, of course, for that one time where she got ticked that Rex had broken up with her, so she married some other guy. Which, somehow, makes her that much groovier.


Anonymous said...

Actually I think her blouse and skirt surfing ensemble is enough to qualify her as the grooviest chick in all of Heptown.

Bikini's are totally for squares, man.

SallyP said...

The only thing that would make her groovier, is if she were surfing in high heels. The fact that she's barefoot is a little disappointing...but I can live with it.

Pope Impious XXIII said...

I don't know..
I see a thin, blonde, ditzy heiress I still somehow picture Paris Hilton.

Maybe she only dates Metamorphio to stay in the papers.

MaGnUs said...

She uses her man as a surfboard... you can't get much groovier than that!

Anonymous said...

Definitely groovy, but she should have been wearing a leopard print bikini. And high-heel go-go boots.

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