Tuesday, May 29, 2007


THE FIRST BIG MONKEY COMICS PODCAST is now available on line!

Thank you for your suggested "Do's and Don't's"; they were very helpful and we did our best to follow them. I hope you enjoy the show, because we certainly had fun doing it. Please be merciful with your feedback (it is our first attempt at such a thing and we hope to improve).

Once Ben figures out how to set up "the RSS feed", it will also available on what my grandchildren call "the I-Tunes" so you can listen to it on something called "the I-Pod". If you know how to do that, please go tell him.

The podcast features some bloggers you just may have heard of before:

Our topics are the current writing on JLA, Marvel's 50 State Initiative, and Decompression in Modern Comics Writing. Any topics you'd like to see us discuss on future podcasts? Just write Ben and let him know.

This podcast was easy for us to arrange because conversations like this go on all the time at Big Monkey (and I mean ALL the time). Please join us at Big Monkey, where the Conversation About Comics is non-stop fun!


Anonymous said...

I'd love to subscribe, but I can't find it at the "I-Tunes" store, which is my preferred mechanism for getting podcasts onto my "I-Pod."

Do you have a link you could provide, or something?

Help a brother out.

Anonymous said...

Apart from an over-abundance of Meltzer-bashing (you can add me as the other person, besides the author himself, who likes his work on JLA), I have to say this was a highly-entertaining effort.

Devon's performance as Black Manta was a moving masterwork of subtlety and emotion, allowing me for the first time to appreciate the depths of the Aqua-Villain's soul.

But, oddly, hearing you speak for the first time, I was reminded of the voice I was always hear in my head when I read a Hal Jordan word balloon. Ironic, no?

My only suggestion for next time is that you discuss at least one subject you don't seem to all agree on and are all equally conversant in (he wrote noting how amusingly quiet you became whenever talk turned to Marvel).

Scipio said...

You must think of Hal Jordan as a big old queen then, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool podcast! I don't agree about how Tony Stark should take a fall, but other than that, very fun listening while working this morning. Although, oddly, only one of the "dramatic readers" played for me (Aquaman); the other two were just clicks and pops and white noise.

Scipio said...

Luke, the Aquaman one was recorded at a different time and location, which probably resulted in better sound quality. I'll ask Ben to take that into consideration next time.

Oh, and all listeners are invited to submit mp3s of their own dramatic readings for us to use on air!.

Jon Hex said...

Tony Stark needs a foot in his a$$! But that's just my opinion.

Derek said...

Wait... it's "Skip-io"? I always thought the "c" was silent, like "science".

Live and learn. Relevant comment to come after I finish listening to the podcast.

Theron said...

Nifty! I put a link to it in my LJ, so the two or three folks who actually pay attention to my recommendations on stuff will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast. Is this going to be a regular thing with you guys? Weekly or monthly?

Diamondrock said...

No, my friend. That's a genuine Latin name. As in "Scipio Africanus."

As for the podcast, if that was half as fun to do as it was to listen to, I'm going to have to do me one of those some day. I've already got a team.

The podcast helped make that hour long commute to work today *considerably* less unbearable. Though my constant laughing made the Japanese people around me look at me slightly weirder than usual.

I can't wait for the next one.

Scipio said...

Thanks! We intend to do it every other week.

And, yes, it was very fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and all listeners are invited to submit mp3s of their own dramatic readings for us to use on air!.

Am I correct in assuming that said submissions should be sent in to Ben as well? (He wrote with a perfect piece already in mind)

Scipio said...

Yes; send those to Ben.

Please identify

the character speaking;
and the story the reading is from.

Anonymous said...

Marvel's 50 State Initiative

I hadn't heard about this. What, they plan to have a team of heroes in every state?

Delaware would be the perfect place to put guys like Brother Voodoo, Captain Ultra, and Shamrock.

Derek said...

Bi-weekly podcasts? That is excellent news!

You five sounded like how I wish my friends and I would when we talk about comics. Of course, I've got to get them to read some comics first.

I, too, think that Marvel's Initiative is a great idea, in theory. Of course, it's the "in theory" that's the problem, as Marvel has managed to bungle all their big ideas as of late (DC too, maybe? I dunno. I think 52 and One Year Later came off pretty well, with but a few exceptions).

Then again, I'm in favour of anything that brings the c- and d-list heroes into the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

Hey alright! Way to make my time at work go more pleasantly. Almost feels like reading comics -- but I'm getting my work done at the same time! Thanks guys!

Derek said...


For anyone wanting to make commercials, download Audacity. It's free and it works pretty good.

But make sure you download the "LAME MP3 encoder" as well, so you can save your creations in MP3 format.

The Icon said...

I enjoyed the hell out of that. Great first outing. You guys are fun to listen to, have great chemistry and as soon as I can subscribe to it, I look forward to downloading it each week.

Just out of curiosity, and I may have missed this mentioned elsewhere, but what kind of audio equipment are you guys using? It sounded like some of the levels could have been tweaked not only to eliminate some of the background noise but to make your voices sound more crisp. You can get some sweet deals on mixers and good mics online (I've bought a few from musiciansfriend.com) Best of all, you don't have to buy anything high end. You can get the job done on a mixer for between $50 and $90 and a good mic will only run you around $100 (God bless the Chinese). Please do not take that as being negative, just a former broadcast guy offering suggestions.

Scipio said...

Thanks, Chris! Glad you enjoyed it.

This week, we're having one of our customers join us as a 'tech advisor' to help improve the audio. Plus, this week we'll all know that we have to project our voices a bit more!

I hope he can also help us set up and RSS feed for it, so we can put it on Itunes for everyone.