Thursday, May 24, 2007

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • The patented Sneaky Legion Fakeout that Mark Waid pulled; nice one.
  • Robin. Robin is so cool. Robin is, oddly, both more accessible than Batman yet still more terrifying. When Batman goes spooky it's creepy, but when Robin does it, it's FREAKY, because he's a kid.
  • The cover of Wonder Woman 9, featuring Chang and Eng Bunker in drag!
  • Batman's firm grasp of metaphor in WW9.
  • Was Birds of Prey a fabulous free-for-all of face-smashing fun, or what?
  • Whoa; Tora wakes up grumpy. Break out the ice coffee.
  • I think I'm going to start saying, "DARK VENGEANCE! SSSSS!" every time I get into a comic book argument. Or in line at CVS.
  • Usually I'm not fan of splash pages, but the mind-blowing page 2/3 of Countdown totally deserved it.
  • Good lord, 'the History of the Multiverse' actually made sense and was accessible to new readers; Siegel be praised!


Jigsaw Puzzle said...

In the cover of Robin 162, he looks really terrifying....

collectededitions said...

I'm glad to hear that about History of the Multiverse ... I wasn't the biggest fan of the multiverse coming back, but if it's got to happen, I at least want it to happen well. What was so good about the first chapter of the history?

poop scoop said...

You could always buy to comic, collectededitions.

I think Black Adam is Eclipso.

MaGnUs said...

Scipio, what do you mean Sneaky Legion Fakeout? And the Elastic Lad splash paged was cooool!

Daniel: I agree about Black Adam being Eclipso.

SallyP said...

Well, if I were Tora, I'd be grumpy too. And yes, Tim Drake is scary as hell. Adorable though.

Anonymous said...

What was so good about the first chapter of the history?

The bit I particularly liked was a point made by one of the Monitors, whose job is said to be preventing people from traveling between the 52 universes. Thus preventing chaos, Crises, dogs and cats living together, etc.

Then one of them makes the point that the "first" Crisis (Crisis on Infinite Earths to us) might have ended up in the destruction of everything, if not for the networks of trust, friendship, and alliance between heroes built over the years after Barry Allen's first trip to Earth-2.

I thought that was pretty neat.

Jacob T. Levy said...

I figured out the Sneaky Legion Fakeout a page and a half before the reveal-- which was a fun old-fashioned kind of fanboy reward. (I got to feel a little bit clever, because it hadn't been too telegraphed or spoiled on the internet, but it was still possible to figure out.) Plus, it had fun resonances with a classic Legion story but involved something big and cool that's never been done before. Might have been my favorite moment o fthe whole WKRP run.

Andrew Hickey said...

collectededitions - there was nothing good about the History Of The Multiverse, it just wasn't too terrible. A bunch of people stood around expositing to each other, but without any terrible infelicities in either art or writing.

Christine Smith said...

I LOVED the Jimmy Olsen SIlver Age moment this week!!!! Here's hoping that we get a lot more like this in the 'Jimmy Olsen Must Die' storyline..... escaping death for various silver-age-Jimmy reasons and not knowing what's going on.

And PLLLLLLEASE dear lord, let there be a non-Emperor-Joker return of the Giant Turtle Man!