Sunday, May 20, 2007

Have Faith ... in Science

Heroes of Science (300 pts)

  • Rookie Mr. Terrific (58 pts)
  • Unique Starman (106 pts)
  • Rookie Steel (112 pts)
  • The All-New Atom (24 pts)

For a 400 point version, add
  • Exp. & Vet. Science Police (40 pts total)
  • Rookie Dr. Mid-Nite (43 pts) + TRIAGE (10 pts) and FLASHBANG (5 pts)


Derek said...


Daddy want.

Ooo! What about Barry Allen? I don't know much about the guy, but I hear tell his stories were often about both real and pseudo-science. And didn't he work in a laboratory of some sort?

Either way, I'm adding this team to my Battle Planner (thanks again for linking me to that utility. It's been a huge help).

Anonymous said...

I don't even play Heroclix, and I want to see this team!

Scipio said...

Yeah, I find Battleplanner an enormous help in forming teams.

None of the Flash heroclix figures represent Barry Allen; they are all Wally West (except for the Unique Jay Garrick). I'm expecting there will be a Barry Allen Flash in September's new "JLA" set, probably with a "special power" that will give him hypersonic speed and phasing at the same time.

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Damn... I didn't know any of these! I used to think I was a little geek, but I think after this, I won't think that again. hahaha, thank you for it.