Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just for you, Hal!

Who says I don't like Hal Jordan?!

I made him Power Battery pogs to recharge him during Heroclix games. I've had custom Heroclix made of some of his good friends, like Black Hand, Dr. Polaris, and Sonar. Why, I even gave him a heavy yellow lamp!

But some people are never satisfied, and fans of Hal are at the top of that list. So I wanted to make Hal some special bystande
rs tokens, something to really enliven his Heroclix game, to bring meaning to his play.

Ah! I have just the thing!

And using the Green Lantern Team Ability....

he can juggle EIGHT of them at a time!


SallyP said...

What...only eight?

I kid, I kid. Seriously, only eight? Hal's sleezy charm can certainly juggle ten or twelve women at a time. And get a concussion while doing so!

Doctor Polaris said...

I am NOT his friend! He is my arch-enemy!

That being said, I do not believe I have seen this custom Heroclix figure. Does it capture the essence of Polaris?

Siskoid said...

Do those groovy stewardesses actually exist in the comics?

Scipio said...

Doc, you have seen it; I added a link to remind you.


No, but... shouldn't they? They would if either Gail Simone or Grant Morrison were writing Green Lantern.

poop scoop said...

Oa should have stewardesses that serve beverages, nuts, hot towels, etc. to the Lanters while waiting for their meeting with the higher ups.

poop scoop said...

Also, about Aquaman, did you like his water hand? I always thought it was pretty cool, but poorly executed. I would have loved it if he could absorb water from anything with it, or give water to anyone who needed it..

Anonymous said...

OMG, Scipio, I think you've just invented PimpClix.

That said, you could have dressed them in yellow to give them a fightin' chance.

Anonymous said...

Three more reasons that Hal is the GREATEST!